2013. május 16., csütörtök

Day 0.

Dear Visitor!

This is our first day on the trip with the relic of don Bosco. It's just a day before the first day, next morning 6 of us going to greet him at Berzsej ( Slovenia) . Others stay here and prepare everything for the Feast, in the first place, Szombathely. We've helped a little for them tonight, we packed quotes from Don Bosco. >>

This day was full of waitings, as i waited for Bro.Geza to pick me up at Budapest, with Fr. Bela and Adele.Of course I waited for real beginning of the trip. Firstly, i was a little nervous, whether what i've left home. Later, i've found out that was my pass, you can see it on the pictures, but God Bless Martino! He thinks about everything. Printed new papers and brought passes with himself. >>

Before we've got back to our room, Adele said good bye to the pet, name Angie. You can see a photo of them in the Hun. part.
We're looking forward the next day, we'll have breakfast about 6.30 am. So, now i give my place to my college, to write some lines of her experience on the 0. day, in hungarian.

Tomorrow... See you, Fr. John Bosco!

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