2013. május 16., csütörtök

Our tasks, as we see, from the last days.

Hey, my dear Reader!

Here you can follow our prep. work!
You can see our special editions.

Well, Adele and Amy started to work with them, yesterday.
They've counted and ordered them into the right lines and packages.

The first is, saint pictures - 2 type - one with an english prayer translated to hungarian, title: Prayer to Don Bosco, and the other on is that, Saint John Bosco, the friend and master of youth.
The girls count them, and put them into envelopes according to places where they're going.
 - in the beginning

-  after we finished ( yet, we'll have lots of work next week, when we get back to the capital city, because these are just for the FIRST part of our journey.)

 It's a special edition, that was introduced as the booklet for the Centenary Year, 2013. All package was more than 2 ton.

'The carriage was late from the press, and the last dose arrived at the midnight. In order to we've got tasks for the next week. We liked this work, it was just as you play with cards' - said Amy

Unfortunately, this kind of work wasn't really suit for Adele, but she wrote all the cities name of paper packages, what Amy counted down, and shuffled apart. So that arose little islands in the Don Rua Room. 
Later, we've got lots of special publications, such as Salesian Bulletin, and the real special booklet that, we call: Relic Notebook. 
It was tough to organize them into the right order, because on package of the Relic Notes, contains 8 booklet, and the biggest number of it, what've sent for a place was one thousand. Well yes, but we've also got a great help from the college boys. They were very helpful and carried the packages.

Bulletins and Booklets on the picture, it about one and a half ton, as the driver said.

Here are the pockets of the kerchiefs in light blue and apple green colours. We sent them to our schools' students. Of course, we bring them with us, where the relic is being visited, and give it away for children, as well.  
subtitle says: Don Bosco with us!
Further things, what we carry on the tour:
It says the same, Don Bosco with us! :)

... yes, and bracelets, in many-many colour, with quotes of don Bosco.
And with these sentences: Don Bosco with us! 2013 Hungary, and There's sombody, who cares your value! - it's the motto of our centenary year, that is why it's on the bracelet too.
Not least but last, we've also have pins with a hand that shows "like" and a subtitle, as Don Bosco.
so, we like Don Bosco! :)

Well, we bring with us, our biggest picture of the Saint, which is on a 7m long and 3 and a half metres wide white sheet. We made it for the opening ceremony of the centenary year.
Now, it's hangin in the college, called Salesianum - O'buda.

Don Bosco with Us! :)

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We're leaving about 4:30 pm. (O'buda)

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