2013. május 10., péntek


One day, before the others.

The morning ligths in Budapest was always different than the countryside. The capital city is soon awake, or might it had never slept. It’s 7 o’clock, pedestrians hit one other ont he crossroad, in order to get ont he tram. Lisa was standing ont the side of the crossroad and just watching. She has a shoulder-length straight red hair with grey eyes. She’s a slim, sporty girl with freckles on her cheeks.
As she got ont he tram with lots of bags, a nice man’s stepped on and smiled at her. She really didn’t understand that on this morning. ’ He had such a nice pale face, as me – thought – Yes, that’s a beautiful day, after exams… I’m done. It’s okay, have a smiley day.
She arrived the office, put off her bags, and started to check down current projects.
It was such a different world, than the „outsider” was. She’s just used this world for those things, that happened outside of their office mostly, with rude, crazy people.
Int he end of a week, it was always important for her, to check down every job’s status and leave everything in order. Then it helped to start a new week from a definit point.
It was least than one week to the ’Big Day’. It seems that everyone who knows the Salesian Order is waiting for the 17 May. Lis’ thought about a lot, whether what should she put in her biggest suitcase.  Yet she only could think about serious things, it was the last one, she had to concern about.
’Let me see the program of the journey… - She was very exciting during the whole preparation but now, she started to feel something good, related to this project. She’s got ’the program with children’ and had fight with a good reason why should they meet the Relic. Then she won, of course. She set up a group for plan this program for children, and they did a good job – she thought, but the real event is waited for itself.
She checked her e-mails, wrote new ones, runned long conversation about their plans, again and again until, everyone got the sense of it. Lisa knew that, after two weeks later, 24 May they’ll be on that exact room, where the event takes place. She made a plan for this evening, which contained the last review of the program and tasks. Finally they’re gonna discover the route, field, and of course let time for personal conversations, in order to be ready the next day. Lisa is a great organizer, it didn’t take too much to take into her consideration this night’s program. She felt that in her all existence, that day’ll be unique and outsanding for them, but she couldn’t know how seriously.
Everything seem to be allright for the day to start their journey. The biggest one in the year, and maybe the deepest of a life. That was a big query what’ll bring this nine day. Esprit de corps, joy and happines? Or fatique, argue and misundersandings? Lis was very curious, and couldn’t wait to know, who’ll be the first who become exhausted, cheer others, give joy and share their happines.
It seemed to be a long time until 17 May, when the founder of the salesians, is coming to our little country, Hungary!

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