2013. május 14., kedd

The last meeting before set off...

My Dear Reader,
Let me to introduce two topic, which i'm gonna post tomorrow.
We have lots of work at the office of the Saint Stephan Province, HU.
The 'things' what we're gonna take with us is request many tasks what we have to accomplish in these busy days, so i really don't have much time to write. Yet, my dear Reader, I promise, you can read two great blog post tomorrow, here.
First: is about the programmes that i've mentioned before, we'd done in our centenary year.
May, our centenary coordinator will tell us some interesting information about the backstage work.
Second topic is about the prep. work and 'things' which should stay in secret for tomorrow.

Let me ask for your prays, in the name of our team.
We had a meeting, (the last before the trip) and discussed every 'program' for the feast, that the cities, councils, commons, salesians and youth plan for this event. For Saint John Bosco, for a priest from the fields, who come to meet with God's children, from far decades.

Come back tomorrow, and take a look at on my pictures, about the preparations.
GB you!

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